LLOH (Live List of Happenings): January 12, 2023

■ Whoa

■ TikTok star Waffler69 dies aged 33: Social media sensation – who shot to fame eating bizarre foods and boasted 1.7m followers – passes away from suspected heart attack

■ Rick and Morty co-creator and star Justin Roiland charged with felony domestic violence in 2020 incident with an unnamed girlfriend

Person with gun inside an Omaha high school taken into custody

Report: Biden Team ‘Ran Out of Time’ To Discuss Immigration With Mexican Officials

■ FDA and CDC advisors accuse Moderna of withholding trial data that suggested its Covid bivalent booster was LESS effective than older shot — to secure $5bn Government order

■ A Medical Journal Retracts a 2022 Study That Linked Vaping to Cancer

■ Garland appoints special counsel to investigate Biden docs

Detroit-area city approves animal sacrifice for religious purposes

■ Lowering the voting age to sixteen? You have got to be kidding me….

■ Matt Taibbi drops the Twitter Files Part 14 today. Click the Twitter box below to be taken to the thread:

■ Footage reveals how dolphins SHOUT to each other in response to loud underwater noises

■ Gov. Hochul quietly sneaks in proposal to ban sale of gas stoves, fuels outrage across New York

■ Dearborn man accused of antisemitic threats sought guns for ‘God’s wrath,’ feds say

■ That second set of classifed documents that Biden shouldn’t have had in his personal office was actually IN HIS GARAGE AT HIS HOME.

What an absolute moron.

■ Not that this will go anywhere because the Republicans only have control of the house, but here goes: House votes to BAN President Biden from selling America’s emergency oil supplies to China