Today’s Happenings (updates all day long): January 5, 2023

Sharyl Attkisson- NYC removes 400,000+ ineligible names from voter rolls in settlement agreement ■

This is cool. PlayStation accessibility controller unveiled to help players with disabilities ■

File under What could go wrong? ■


Biden’s open borders: 1.3 million in — 28,000 out ■

‘IT WAS WORKING’: Arizona border residents blast decision to remove container wall… I’m in Arizona, and while the big city metro journalists and their Democrat followers complain about the cost of erecting and taking down these containers, you hear little from the actual people living at the border and how they’re affected. ■

Covid-19 Vaccine News

In case you missed it: The Pfizer Files. Click on the tweet to be taken to the thread.

The Pfizer Files

Andrew Bostom is BACK and in rare form dissecting autopsy studies. The results are disturbing. ■

Also from Justin Hart, Breaking Study: Spike Protein Runs Amok in Young Adults Suffering from Vaxxed Myocarditis ■

BMJ Journal of Medical Ethics: COVID-19 vaccine boosters for young adults: a risk benefit assessment and ethical analysis of mandate policies at universities ■

University of Minnesota CIDRAP: Myocarditis after mRNA COVID vaccine risk real, but rare in young men ■

If you follow Covid-19 mRNA news at all, you’ve likely heard that IgG4 levels rise after multiple doses. To what that might possibly mean, Jessica Rose has a substack on the relationship between IgG4 and cancer ■