CNN viewership down two thirds since January. Good, but the news isn’t all that great.

I’ve seen a couple of pieces today smirking at the bottom falling out of CNN’s viewership numbers since January. You can see the Joe Concha tweet detailing the decline in all its glory:

As both articles I read have surmised, the drastic fall in ratings for CNN are due to their primary raison d’etre for the last four years having disappeared as well….bashing on Trump. Now that Trump is no longer around, or better described as no longer BEING ALLOWED to be around, on social media, access to his viewpoint is small, and thus the Trump bashing is not so easily brought to the forefront. So I can agree at least in part that this is the reason for CNN’s decline.

I would like to caution my fellow *conservatives*, though, on taking any large win or great happiness from the current numbers. Viewership for each outlet may be fine for their competing against one another, but in our overall scheme for political pull in the nation, things are not necessarily so rosy. Since CNN is just MSNBC’s less deranged cousin, the two outlets together still pull in more viewers than FOX which just slightly leans other way. And you’ll notice that even with Trump out of office, MSNBC still pulls in pretty competitive numbers with FOX in all the time slots except for Chris Hayes.

Now I also understand that a lot of FOX viewers dumped them after the election so there are probably a number of right leaning people that aren’t represented here. That may be the only thing we can hope for. Otherwise, these numbers show that we are outnumbered, and there is no reason to take any joy from that.

Sorry to be an Eeyore, but I’m a realist not an optimist.