Clearing of the Tabs…5/3/21


Jenner opposes biological males competing in girls’ school sports: ‘It’s an issue of fairness’

White liberals more likely to have a mental health condition

Covid-19 Related

Some experts now project reaching ‘herd immunity’ unlikely in U.S.

Denmark ditches J&J COVID-19 shots from vaccination programme

Listen to this *expert*. Get your grandma vaccinated.


Houston police uncover ‘disturbing’ human smuggling case with more than 90 people trapped in home

Juarez police free migrants from smugglers who sought ransom from relatives

Rare and Indigenous languages add to backlog of asylum court cases, study finds

Unusual Supreme Court vote rules illegal immigrant can avoid deportation on technicality

EXCLUSIVE: Over 1,000 US Bound Migrants Living On The Streets Of Tijuana, Mexico

93 years old…


10 years in prison isn’t enough for this guy: Judge rules South Carolina restaurant manager owes more than $500K to worker he enslaved

NYC Judge Releases Hate Crime Suspect, Says Bail Reform Law Leaves No Choice


Japanese sumo wrestling under fire after Hibikiryu dies from head injury


Microsoft founder Bill Gates, 65, to divorce Melinda, 56, after 27 years of marriage…

Over 90 German police injured in May Day demonstrations, officials say leftist march turned violent

Ford cuts production at two German plants due to chip shortage

Former Netflix VP convicted of fraud and money laundering

Fists fly after Carole Baskin-deployed drone focuses surveillance camera on Tiger King park

German Oktoberfest canceled again due to COVID-19

Twitter Pops