Good work if you can get it…Eric Holder to get paid over $2k an hour to investigate workplace environment at Oregon Health & Science University

But hey, at least he’s giving them a 10% discount off his normal $2,295/hr rate.

Oregon Health & Science University will pay former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder more than $2,000 per hour to investigate systemic harassment and discrimination, according to a letter from Holder that OHSU released Friday.

OHSU President Dr. Danny Jacobs and board Chair Wayne Monfries announced Holder’s hiring at the end of March, about a month after the university was hit with a $45 million lawsuit from an employee at the neighboring Portland Veterans Affairs Medical Center. The plaintiff alleges that Dr. Jason Campbell, a former OHSU anesthesiology resident, harassed her with sexually explicit texts and forced his body into her, and that the university did not take adequate action.

Holder and his band of highway robbers lawyers and legal assistants are going to look into the workplace culture at OHSU and see how it has handled complaints of discrimination, unequal treatment etc… in the past. They will then provide recommendations to the University’s policies and procedures on how to address similar cases in the future.

While Mr. Holder will be billing a bit over two grand an hour, other members of Holder’s firm also working on the project have rates ranging from $290 to $2,295/hr. The project may take SIX MONTHS.

Even if it isn’t something that is worked on day to day, the final bill will no doubt be astronomical.

As I said, “Good work if you can get it.”