Overwhelmed at the southern border, biden admin considering flying immigrants to northern border for processing.

Scoop from the Post Millennial:

There are currently more than 4500 unaccompanied minors being held in these facilities, some in cells, others in makeshift tent cities hastily erected along the border. This represents a new record, although many mainstream outlets are avoiding the topic.

Because of the above, ICE is considering flying unprocessed immigrants to facilities with spare capacity at the Canadian border. In fact, they have done exactly this before in 2019, when they had similar problems (but of a lesser magnitude).

Post Millennial, “Biden admin considers flying immigrants to processing to facilities at Canadian border,” 3/19/21

Well, that’s ONE way to handle the ever growing problem on our southern border… just ship these people north! Genius!

But living in a southern border state and seeing and hearing about the problems this migration crisis is causing, it’s hardly fair to just fly these people into other states where they too will eventually become overwhelmed by the need to provide more and more space and resources to house, provide medical treatments (including testing for Covid-19 and its variants), and feed these people while being processed. I have a much, much better idea.

If they’re going to be flown anywhere, send them all, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM to Washington, D.C. That way the Biden Administration will be able to see the non-crisis first hand.