If you can’t move to another state, have the state move to you…

Some desperate Oregonians, tired of residing in a blue state, want to move to a more conservative Idaho without actually doing the physical moving.

BOISE, Idaho (CBS2) — Tired of living in a blue state, some Oregonians want to change the map to join Idaho.

They say they want to maintain their rural values and join a Republican majority state.

If approved, Southern and Eastern Oregon, as well as the Northernmost part of California would join the Gem State.

Last year, Greater Idaho, succeeded in getting petitions approved for circulation in two Oregon counties.

Now, their proposal called ‘Move Oregon’s Border’ will be on the ballot in 5 Oregon counties this May.

Fox26News, “‘Move Oregon’s Border for a Greater Idaho’ movement to go on ballot in May”, 2/21/21

As noted in the article, the moving of the border wouldn’t affect any power in the Senate as they aren’t trying to create a new state. It might, however, change the power makeup in the House of Representatives as the number of representatives apportioned to each state is based upon the results of the census.

As it would require approval from all three states and Congress, the likelihood of it happening is presumably low. But there’s no harm in trying, I guess.