Afternoon clearing of the tabs…2/23/21

Last summer when the George Floyd protests were in full swing, we saw a video of an elderly man who was pushed backwards by police and ended up falling and hitting his head. Immediately after his fall and while lying on the ground, the video seemed to show blood streaming out of the man’s ear. Martin Gugino suffered a fracture skull and brain injury from that fall and is now suing New York city and three of its officers.

The Indiana House votes to eliminate licensing requirements for handguns, and the North Dakota House passes a bill making any future mask mandates illegal.

Cherokee Nation’s Chuck Hoskin, Jr. does not think Jeep should use tribe’s name for vehicles

Hillary Clinton teamed up with a professional writer friend of hers, and they are writing a fictional thriller involving a Secretary of State. I might have suggested a novel about a murder of a government official whose body was found in the park and made to look like a suicide.

Speaking of books, Cindy McCain will be releasing her new book about her life with John McCain in April. It’ll be a hot, hot, hard-to-get item. No, not really. You’ll be able to get it from your bookstore’s bargain table.

Former GOP chairman Michael Steele who had a lackluster performance while in his roll and who had joined the infamous Lincoln Project in August of last year says Trump supporting Republicans can and should leave the party. I’m crushed.

‘”Mistakes were made,” the president of the school board said.’

Who in the hell is the AP reporter and what are the odds they’ll still have a job next week?

New York Democrat Assemblyman Ron Kim who claims Governor Cuomo threatened is now calling for Cuomo’s impeachment.

Brian Sicknick’s mother believes her son died of a stroke and was not beaten to death during the Jan. 6 protests.

NASA releases first sounds recorded by the Perseverance Mars rover. Two clips which sound like absolute silence except for a brief light breeze.

Facing a recall effort and after admitting his lack of success getting Covid vaccines into the minority communities in his state, Gavin Newsome has signed a California $7.6 billion stimulus bill that will pass out $600 to a number of residents and provide support to small businesses that he’s decimated with his lockdowns. Note, “The money will also go to people who earn under $75,000 per year and use an individual taxpayer identification number to file their income taxes. These are people who don’t have Social Security numbers, including immigrants who were ineligible for the federal stimulus payments Congress approved last year.”

Puppy born with six legs and two tails

A kilo of cocaine was found inside a knitting kit purchased at a thrift store in Seattle

With the amount of anxiety due to Covid and the lockdowns, here are some tips for falling back asleep if you’ve woken up during the night.