Boston’s Public Health Commission’s medical health director moved to Hawaii in November to care for parents and continued to do her job remotely

So many outrages and false equivalencies…Cuomo fudges the numbers on nursing home deaths and gets an Emmy while also writing a book on leadership but now is on the downfall and facing possible impeachment. Cruz, who isn’t in charge of anything in Texas, goes to Cancun for one day and is mercilessly scorched in the media. #BadOpticsMan And now this

As the coronavirus raged across Boston over the holiday season, the medical director for the city’s Public Health Commission was working 5,000 miles away in Hawaii.

Dr. Jennifer Lo acknowledged this past week that city officials gave her permission to re-locate her family to Hawaii last November so she could care for her elderly parents. She plans to return to Boston this summer.

The revelation blared in headlines from the Boston Herald newspaper to local TV newscasts, and touched off questions about whether a critical city health officer could effectively do her job that far away.

Just the News, “Outrage in Boston: City’s medical director allowed to work from Hawaii as pandemic raged”, 2/21/21

Can you do the job remotely? Sure… SHOULD you do the job remotely? …. Well, aside from the #BadOpticsMan, apparently the doctor offered to resign her position before relocating to Hawaii, and the Public Health Commission said it wasn’t necessary. Apparently THEY thought she could and should do the job remotely.

“As a physician and public health professional, I have been on the front line and deeply involved in Boston’s efforts to control the pandemic within our community,” Lo said in a statement provided to the local NBC news affiliate. “For personal reasons, including to support both sets of our aging parents, my husband and I had to make the difficult decision to temporarily relocate our family in November 2020 to be closer to them.

“In conjunction with the move, I offered to resign my position as Medical Director and return to the private sector as a practicing physician,” the statement continues. “However, BPHC determined I would be able to effectively continue my work remotely while maintaining the same level of responsibilities required in this role.”

Just the News, “Outrage in Boston: City’s medical director allowed to work from Hawaii as pandemic raged”, 2/21/21

So while there may be some irritation with the good doctor relocating her entire family to Hawaii, she did do it with full permission of the BPHC. Maybe some outrage should be vented in their direction.