Flying cars are here

“Texting while flying” laws can’t be far behind. From the Daily Mail, we’re on the road to the Jetsons. We might eventually get there.

The dream of a flying car just got one step closer to reality, after the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) granted approval to a hybrid ground-air vehicle that can soar at speeds of 100 mph.

The Terrafugia Transition received a Special Light-Sport Aircraft airworthiness certificate from the agency, giving it the green light for takeoff. 

A flight-only version of the craft is now available to pilots and flight schools, though it will be another year or so before its car components are ‘street legal’ – it still needs to meet road safety standards.

Daily Mail, “The future is here! World’s first flying car that travels 100mph at altitudes of 10,000ft is cleared for takeoff by the FAA and a full air-road hybrid is set for 2022”, February 15, 2021

Yours for just a cool $400,000 or thereabouts (?) which isn’t too bad when you consider it can fly versus the cost of a Ferrari or other high end vehicle.