Afternoon clearing of the tabs…2/12/21

My small goal for now is to put up at least one post per day. In attempt to do this, I open and read many current news/politics stories and end up with a parade of open tabs atop my screen. While I don’t write anything about the vast majority of them, I’m loathe to close out the stories without sharing them. To remedy this, I’m going to have “clearing of the tabs” threads on days when there numerous items to pass along. And away we go….

From the start, it was obvious that this disgraceful collapse was the inevitable end for this group. The very idea that this freakish hodgepodge of life-long D.C. Republican consultants were men of profound conscience defending the Republic was a complete and total joke. ” — Glenn Greenwald’s latest on The Lincoln Project (*spit*).

Former Lincoln Project employees ask to be released from their NDAs.

Biden trying to deliver on one of Obama’s promises never fulfilled, closing Gitmo.

Current White House fallout over aide who threatened reporter over a month ago. Here and here.

Israeli study finds that children are half as susceptible to Covid-19 as adults.

We are back to “crisis” levels of illegal immigration on the southern border.

The Chamber of Commerce continues its leftward drift.

Europeans rebuke Iran for taking ‘key step’ to build nuclear weapon.”

California may be the first state to make “stealthing” illegal

The city of San Francisco is suing its own school district for not having a plan to reopen schools.

US Marshals, ICE ‘Reevaluate’ Operations on Sex Offenders After Biden Deportation Freeze

China bans BBC for ‘fake news’ on Xinjiang, coronavirus

America’s Spy-Busters Put Secret-Stealing Chinese ‘Grad Students’ Under Microscope