So you want to form a new Republican Party? Don’t let the door hit you …

Even though Trump is out of office, the fact that he still is very popular with the base and will most likely not be convicted at the end of this second “impeachment trial” has the usual GOP elite/establishment suspects now looking for a way to express their distaste for both Trump and his supporters. Their solution? To form a *new* Republican party.

Former Republican House Rep. Charlie Dent confirmed to CNN that he and about 120 Republicans held a conversation last Friday about whether to form a new party or a new faction within the Republican Party that would operate independently from the GOP.

“Clearly, there are a number of Republicans like myself and other Republican leaders, who want a clean break from President Trump, and we are kind of rallying around some core founding principles like truth and honesty, and democracy, and rule of law,” the former Pennsylvania congressman, who is a CNN contributor, told CNN’s Chris Cuomo Thursday.

via CNN

First off, they choose CNN and Chris Cuomo to talk with about this? This group claiming they want to rally around principles of “truth” and “honesty” go to CNN, major participants in the false Russian collusion story for years? Seriously? C’mon man.

Secondly, these “Republican leaders” are the same group of people who consistently pushed the base for decades to support milquetoast candidates who would never deliver on their promises once elected into office. Now they want to take their ball of money and form a new party thinking people will actually believe them and their promises? They are fooling themselves, especially after Trump accomplished in four years much of what they had pledged to do for decades? There’s a reason Trump has massive support from the base, even after he’s left office, BECAUSE HE DELIVERED ON HIS PROMISES. He wasn’t able to deliver on all of them, but he delivered enough, and he made it clear that the American people were his first priority.

No matter if this band of charlatans are successful in forming a “new” Republican party, their modus operandi will continue to be the same:

“It will be a center-right party that will be cooperative with the Democrats and it will liquidate the nonsense on the far-right,” said Scaramucci.

Evan McMullin, a former House GOP aide and current executive director of Stand Up Republic, confirmed to CNN that he organized the virtual meeting and argued that “there’s a need for something new, whether it’s in the Republican Party or outside of it.”

“The current direction of the party is destructive, both for its own interests, but most importantly, for the interests of the country,” he told CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield on Sunday, adding, “So as extreme as some members of Congress are getting on the Republican side, as the party deals with those related issues, there’s also an opportunity for renewal and rebirth, and that’s what we spoke about.

“He said that if a new faction is formed, they would put forth their own Republican candidates and even, in some cases, support Democratic candidates for election.

A Republican-like party that puts forth Democrat candidates….. If that doesn’t perfectly sum up how the political establishment functions, I don’t know what does. And while they have the money, they need the base for votes. They need you more than you need them. Don’t forget that.


  1. You should try to read the Constitution, one day and pull your head out so you can see the truth.

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