Twitter employees contributed to Biden over Trump by a factor of 64

From Fox News:

Twitter employees and their immediate family members donated $193,443 to the Biden campaign compared to $3,023 to the Trump campaign, records show.

That difference is a factor of sixty-four. And, as to be expected, Twitter employees not only supported Biden over Trump, but Democrats over Republicans at large (from the same Fox article):

Their donations to Democrats versus Republicans was a 98% to 2% split. Twitter employees gave $783,990 to Democrats and $12,333 to Republicans.

On top of that, Twitter gave Biden what Politico dubbed a “priceless” gift when the social media platform permanently banned Trump earlier in January. Prior to the ban, Trump’s tweets often shaped the news cycle during his four years in office. 

Let us not forget that Twitter also gave Biden what could be considered an in-kind contribution banning the Hunter Biden laptop story just weeks before the election. A story which turned out to be true, but which Twitter had denied access to via the New York Post reporting it as well as the many times people either tried to retweet the story or link to it separately. Had it been a similar story about one of the Trump children, would they have been so fervent in their restrictions to access? Of course not. Twitter is biased as are the rest in BigTech. Social media is turning out to have the same alliances as the legacy media. It’s a revolving door between the media and positions in government. Just as George Stephanopoulos worked for Bill Clinton and then went on to work at ABC, many in the current administration are coming in after doing a stint in social media:

At least nine different Biden transition team members or advisers previously held positions at Facebook, Google, or Twitter. Several transition team members worked in the Obama administration before joining one of the tech giants and then later reentering politics as part of the Biden team.

Not that this doesn’t happen on the Republican side as well, but it is to a much smaller extent, and there is no cloak of protection thrown over any Republican by media if they are involved in anything that has a whiff of impropriety. The Democrats and media, both social media and legacy media, are all on the same team, and it’s time people wake up to that fact and not believe everything that gets put out by these corrupt actors.