The left will continue to riot until all their demands are met

Amusing read over at CNN from an interview with a Portland rioter who wants to tell you that 1) their riots are justified, 2) mostly white anarchists are not co-opting protests from minority groups, and 3) they are going to riot no matter what.

It doesn’t matter that Joe Biden won or that he’s put a one hundred day moratorium on deportations, or that he’s already signed Executive Orders reversing some Trump administration’s immigration policies, the rioters are going to continue to riot because they “assume” Biden won’t give them what they want:

Some protesters’ anger is fueled by their assumption the Biden administration won’t take up their key demands: abolishing ICE and defunding the police, a concept that can range from reinvesting police resources in marginalized communities to disbanding forces altogether, they told CNN.

“We are smashing windows and setting fires because we haven’t gotten what we’ve wanted, and we are going to continue to smash windows and set fires assuming we’re not going to get everything we want,” is their position in a nutshell. Anything short of total submission to their demands will result in rioting. And let’s face it, they probably just like to cause havoc and break things because they’re never held accountable.