Just to reiterate, Twitter is the megaphone for the far left

In case you missed this last October, these Pew Research findings verify Twitter is who you think:

Most U.S. adults on Twitter post only rarely. But a small share of highly active users, most of whom are Democrats, produce the vast majority of tweets. The Center’s analysis finds that just 10% of users produced 92% of all tweets from U.S. adults since last November, and that 69% of these highly prolific users identify as Democrats or Democratic-leaning independents.

So a small fraction (10%) of users are responsible for the vast majority of tweets on Twitter. That’s one helluva megaphone. Of those ten percent of people producing the vast amount of spewage, Democrats outnumber Republicans over 2:1.

Adding to the list of helpful facts, according to the research, the Democrats on Twitter aren’t your typical “mainstream” Democrats either:

At the same time, these differences between Twitter users and non-users are not always consistent across parties. Most notably, Twitter-using Democrats include a much larger share of self-identified political liberals than Democrats who are not on the platform (60% vs. 43%). But among Republicans, self-identified conservatives make up a nearly identical share of Twitter users and non-users (60% vs. 62%).

So a small number of highly vocal and far left people drive the majority of tweets on Twitter. And this small non-diverse minority gets fawning media attention from news outlets with their hashtags, trends, and popular tweets and have been given the power to drive national points of conversation. One helluva megaphone indeed.